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January 5, 2017

written by Adam Faust


Most of us are pretty grateful, I think. There’s certainly a greedy few who feel they’re never getting their fair share. But I believe most of us know that we didn’t arrive at our successes without the help of others.

Where we suck at gratefulness, is expressing it. I heard a podcast recently titled I Owe Who that stated,

Unexpressed gratitude expresses ingratitude.

And I believe it. Even though it’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas, I want to to say thank you to a few folks. If you’re left off this list, then thank you for forgiving me.

Thank you to Brent for volunteering me for my first freelance gig by grossly overestimating my abilities. Thank you to Adam for always being a creative partner and fellow dreamer. Thank you to Piper who believed I could get accepted to design school in London. Thank you to Orapan, Dobormira, Valentina and Edgar for showing me how completely inadequate I was as the only American designer in class.



Thank you to Brenda and Billie for taking a chance and giving me my first job as an art director at Love. Thank you to Thomas, Jeff and Garner – collectively, the most creative group I’ve ever been around. Thank you to my Love friends: Aaron, Ashley, Matt, Charlie, Sara, Megan, Elise, Michelle, V, Jennifer, T, Jessica, Charles and just about everyone for making those four years the best place I had ever worked. And, thanks to Shane and Chuck.

Thanks to the clients who were my clients before 5 + 8. You made it easier to believe I could do it. Thank you David, Sue, Mike and Barbara.

Thank you to Jeff for making me come to Adcetera. Thank you to Kristi for her parting words and well wishes after my short stay. Thank you to Jeff for when I said, I want to start my own company, and replying without hesitation, Let’s do it.

Thank you for Piper, pregnant with our first child, in a house we had just bought, in a job she was unhappy, for her unconditional support. She proved she meant it, when she said, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer.

Thanks to Michele and Randy for giving us our first gig. Gracias Texas Tamale Boys, Louis and Scott, for giving us our first core client and immediate legitimacy. Danke schoen to Susanne for sticking by us through all our growing pains. Big ups to Yedi for pushing us to be better and sticking with us when we weren’t.

Thank you to Nik for straight up quitting his job and joining us when our office was the nearest coffee shop or bar. Thank to our first intern, Paulina, for signing up to work with three dudes in a dorm-sized office and who’s remarkable talent makes us look good every day. Thank you to our first full-time employee, Sarah, for always demanding the best from herself and everyone around her. Thanks to Linda for allowing me to look beyond the day-to-day by always saying, yes, I can do that. Thank you to Gabe, for his oddball energy, and by often being the first one in and last one out.

Thank you for the friends who have consistently referred us! Ericka, Kendall, Kevin, Katie, Brian, Cuqui, Laura, Randy, Chelsie and so many others I am certain I have forgotten.

Thanks to some of our newest clients, like Jorge and Greg, for proving you can bust your ass and be a nice guy at the same time. Thanks to Chad for being the f’ craziest client we have or will ever have.

Thank you Jeff for defining what it means to be a true partner and friend.

Thank you Dad for believing and supporting me, even though I am fairly certain you thought graphic design sounded kind of made up. Thank you Mom, who would have supported me if I said wanted to be a marshmallow. Thank you to my sister for always saying really nice things about me behind my back.

Thank you to Piper. You are the funniest and weirdest and coolest freaking wife on earth. Thank you for Poppy. Poppy acts, looks and plays exactly like the little girl I always dreamed for.  Thank you to baby #2. Whoever and whatever you end up being I am confident I will be thankful for you.

Was this boring?

I don’t care.

Thanks for reading it.

December 23, 2016

written by Adam Faust

Christmas + Questions

Our lovely intern, Gabe Gouda Gonzalez spent entirely too much time creating these relatively funny videos about our team. He asked everyone various questions about our Christmas’ pasts, and picked his favorite responses. I hope you enjoy these as you sit around with your families overindulging on dips, mediocre Christmas cookies and too much wine. Speaking of too much to drink:

Paulina answers, What is your Christmas drink of choice?

Christmas + Questions: Paulina from 5 + 8 on Vimeo.

Jeff contemplates, What would you ask Santa for, if you knew you would get it?

Holiday + Questions: Jeff from 5 + 8 on Vimeo.

Linda explains, The worst gift she ever received.

Christmas + Questions: Linda from 5 + 8 on Vimeo.

Nik unveils, When he learned the truth about Santa.

Christmas + Questions: Nik from 5 + 8 on Vimeo.

Sarah reveals, The best gift she ever received.

Christmas + Questions: Sarah from 5 + 8 on Vimeo.

Adam admits, My reaction to finding out the truth about Santa.

Christmas + Questions: Adam from 5 + 8 on Vimeo.


We hope you enjoyed watching these as much as Gabe (with fellow costume designer, Paulina) enjoyed making them.  And, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all!


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